Keith Lee Goes Into Detail About Health Issues That Kept Him Sidelined For Months

— WWE star Keith Lee released a video today where he discussed his health issues that caused him to be out of action for several months, from around February and until his return in July. Lee detailed that in January he contracted COVID-19 and was sidelined for three weeks recovering. He was able to resume wrestling in February but only competed in one match against Riddle before he was pulled by medical staff after they noticed issues with his blood work. Lee was then informed that he had an inflamed heart and forbidden to participate in any physical activity for three months. In that time, he underwent multiple MRIs to gauge the progress of his heart condition and there was some fear that he may have had heart disease which would have put his life in danger. Eventually and after weeks of rest, his heart situation improved and he was finally cleared to return. Lee also noted that in January his fiancee Mia Yim also contracted COVID but only because she insisted to take care of him.

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