Keith Lee Answers Finishing Move Question On Twitter

Keith Lee Responds To Twitter Fan Regarding Finishing Move

Former NXT champion Keith Lee would be asked by a fan on Twitter whether he used ROH/NJPW superstar Jeff Cobb’s finishing maneuver, entitled “Tour of the Islands,” on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The Limitless denies the claim writing, “Nah boss lol. Cobbzilla’s slam goes the other direction and has a full stop. I’d never steal my boy’s move. I call it that the #JeffBrownSlam. He’s a former wrestler in TX. He used it when I first started. I was always a fan so when he retired, I started using it to pay homage.”

Cobb would see Lee’s answer and call Lee one of his favorites for giving him the shout out online. He writes, “And that’s why you are one of my favorites……. even if you are pouncing next or spirit bombing me….. or any physicality towards me.”

Check out the exchange below.

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