Ken Anderson: Billy Corgan Is One Of The Best Things To Ever Happen To TNA

Ken Anderson recently opened up about the behind-the-scenes power struggle between Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan in TNA. The former TNA World Champion was interviewed by WhatCulture and explained that he wants what’s best for his friends who still work for TNA, and he thinks what’s best for them is if Billy Corgan takes over the company.

“I just want what’s best for my friends, what’s best for the business. I think Billy Corgan is one of the best things to ever happen to TNA in a long time,” Anderson explained.

The former TNA and WWE star continued and shed some light on his time working with Corgan in TNA, and revealed that Corgan worked closely with him on his 2015 TNA storyline with Bram. Anderson applauded Corgan for his creativity.

“I personally loved working with him. He was creative, he allowed me to be creative. He was in charge of the storyline that I had with Bram in TNA,” Anderson said. “We all worked together, and we all contributed to that storyline, and I think that’s the way this business should work; how the creative process should work. I hope the best happens, and I think that Billy Corgan being a huge part of that equation is a positive. It’s a good thing.”

You can read Mr. Anderson’s entire interview at WhatCulture.

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