Kenny Omega Talks NXT vs. AEW War, Claims NXT Stars Would Be Dark Match Talent In AEW (Video)

WWE AEW Other |By Matt Boone |Thu, September 19, 2019 - 2:52PM EDT
Kenny Omega Interview On NXT vs. AEW War (Video)

AEW superstar Kenny Omega recently interviewed with Sportskeeda Wrestling where the former IWGP Heavyweight champion had some choice words regarding the upcoming AEW/NXT war.

Omega states that it's hard to call the Wednesday night battle a war when many of the NXT roster are his friends, but goes on to say that if they were all on the same promotion they'd be in dark matches while he would be the main event.

"You can call it a war if you want. It's like, to me, we're in a completely different kind of business. I mean what they're doing is different from what we're doing. It's weird, because it's hard to say you're going to war with people that I call my friends.  And yet, we are going to war. And yet, when I sit back and look at the grand picture, I'm going to war with these dudes that, if we were on the same show together, the same promotion...let's pretend there were no borders. Let's pretend there were no promotions. Let's just pretend there's just one big promotion. If these guys were in the same show as me, they'd be in the dark match. They'd be in the opening match of my main event match."

Check out the complete Kenny Omega video below. For time-stamps indicating what he is talking about in certain points throughout the 8-plus minute interview, check out the following detailed breakdown included in the official description of the video from the Sportskeeda YouTube channel.

The Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega, is someone who needs no introduction. We got the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion to share his opinions on Chris Jericho, AEW, the Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT, among other topics and it is something that every pro-wrestling enthusiast should check out.

What’s inside?

    0:05 - Coming to Singapore for an SPW Event
    0:55 - Wednesday Night Wars against AEW
    2:18 - Not wrestling Jon Moxley at AEW All Out
    4:52 - Wrestling PAC instead of Jon Moxley
    6:59 - Jericho as the first AEW Champion

Kenny Omega rose to popularity as a member of the Bullet Club stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling, under the leadership of AJ Styles. In 2016, when Styles left the promotion, he took over as the leader and took Bullet Club to new heights. Omega attracted further mainstream attention owing to his matches with Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

The battles between Omega and Okada were so intense, they set a new benchmark in the industry. Although there were rumors of him joining WWE after his stint in New Japan, Omega signed with All Elite Wrestling as one of their Executive Vice Presidents and obviously, as a wrestler.

Kenny Omega performs in several independent wrestling shows as well. Recently, he came to Singapore for a Singapore Pro Wrestling event, where he wrestled in a 6-man tag team match with one of the owners of the promotion himself, Andruew Tang, who’s the man that conducted the interview.. Also, shout out to the Chairman of Wrestle Square, Vinayak Sodhi, for setting the entire thing up.

In this video, you will get to know about Kenny Omega’s experience in Singapore and his thoughts on SPW. After that, Omega talks in detail regarding the upcoming AEW television show on TNT, which will be aired on the same day as WWE’s NXT.

You must be aware that Omega’s match against Jon Moxley at All Out was canceled and he wrestled PAC instead. In this interview, Omega reflected on this situation. In the final moments of the video, The Cleaner talked about the first AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho, and how the legendary performer impacts the promotion. Social Media Interaction

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