Kenny Omega Talks The Reports That WWE Is Interest In Signing Him

Top All Elite Wrestling Star and one-third of the AEW World Trios Champions Kenny Omega recently made an appearance on The Sessions podcast with Renee Paquette, where he discussed a number of topics such as how he feels about the reports that WWE is interested in signing him and how he does not feel like he has too many goals or aspirations of his own anymore because he wants to be in a place he can help the next generation of wrestlers.

Kenny Omega said:

“Sometimes, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably how you really feel. The first thing that came into my mind wasn’t a title, wasn’t some kind of accolade. I feel like whatever I can contribute to wrestling, I want to be able to help people in the next generation realize their potential as quick as possible or quicker than I was able to. If I can help give anyone advice or push them into a certain direction that can lead to something good for them, career-wise, down the road, that is where I like to see myself. I don’t feel like I have too many goals or aspirations of my own anymore.”

Kenny Omega also discussed how he is very thankful and grateful that he was able to achieve his goals and how he feels like the position he is in right now is to help the younger generation of wrestlers, so that they won’t go through the same mental anguish he did like being away from his family.

Kenny Omega said:

“I feel like, am I wasting my time here? Do I not even deserve my position if I’m not looking for some sort of measure of success for myself, am I being ungrateful? Those thoughts still fill my head a little bit because I felt that when I was motivated to win the G1, when I was motivated to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship or win the Match of the Year award or win Wrestler of the Year award or a random thing like ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I could win PWI 500.’ It got to a point where I was kind of creating goals to achieve, just to have something. As the checklist started to fill up, and I’m so thankful and grateful that I was able to (achieve those things), it became so much less about me and became more about ‘well, I’ve got this resume now,’ and I know that I’m breaking down and I know there are people that have 10-15 years on me and they can much easier, and with much less of a struggle, get to where I am today and maybe I can save them some mental anguish or being away from their family a couple more years if I can help them. That’s the position I feel I’m in right now.”

You can check out Kenny Omega’s comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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