Kevin Nash Reflects On His WWE Championship Run As Diesel

In his recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Kevin Nash spoke about a number of topics, including his first run in WWE.

During the discussion with SI, Nash reflected on his WWE Championship run as Diesel. Kevin also shared some of his own personal struggles at the time, and more. Check out his comments below.

On performing as Diesel:

“It hit me recently while I was watching the [WWE Untold] special about me and Shawn [Michaels]. That was only three years of my life. It seemed like so much more. I came from basically nowhere. There were so many times during my first run in WCW that I was going to leave and go back to the bar scene. It didn’t seem like it was going anywhere, until I came to WWE … Shawn got suspended [in 1993], I took his dates, and that really propelled me. I got the push at the Rumble [in 1994], and the rest is history.”

On his lack of experience at the time:

“People don’t realize that during my run in WWE as champion, not only was I green and I barely had 300 matches, but my mom died almost 30 days to the date of being crowned champion. I was dealing with that on top of everything else. I just remember soldiering on. I buried my mom and went to Winnipeg and worked. That’s kind of the way it was.”

On fans continuing to show their support for Diesel:

“There are people that still have me sign their vintage eight-by-10s as ‘Big Daddy Cool’ Diesel. They don’t want me to sign as Kevin Nash. Diesel was a beloved character.”

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