Kevin Nash Appears On Sean Waltman's Podcast

Kevin Nash Says He Wouldn’t Return to the Ring Even For “Saudi Money”

Kevin Nash recently spoke on his Kliq This podcast about a number of pro wrestling topics.

During the discussion, the WWE Hall of Fame legend claimed he wouldn’t consider an in-ring return even for “Saudi money,” noting he has so much in the bank already.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

<B>On how he won’t return even for Saudi money:</B> “No, I don’t. The f**king thought of my f**king rickety ass body hitting that f**king wood. Like nah man and not even for f**king Saudi money.”

<B>On how he has so much money in the bank already:</B> “You come with me the half a million bucks let me take two bumps, f**k you. What am I gonna do with that? Let me put that in the bank with the rest of my f**king money I don’t spend.”

Check out the complete interview at <A HREF=”” target=”_Blank”></A>.

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