Kevin Nash Appears On Sean Waltman's Podcast

Kevin Nash Talks “Too Sweet” Hand Symbol, Fashion Files Segments & More

WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke with X-Pac 12360 Podcast for an interview.

During the discussion, Nash spoke with Waltman about his feelings of TNA Wrestling reminding him of going to WCW from WWE in terms of the amount of young talent that the promotion had.

“There was so much talent there [in TNA]; there really was a ton of talent, and it reminded me of when we all came to WCW with the incredible amount of talent they had when they had,” said Nash. “Eddie [Guerrero], [Ultimo] Dragon, [Chris] Benoit, just that incredible amount of talent with Juventud [Guerrera], Rey [Mysterio], they just had a lot of incredible talent,” Nash said. “I always thought that Joe was special, and immediately when he got to NXT I thought that he was going to be the perfect opponent to Brock Lesnar. Bobby Roode was also really solid. I’m surprised it took him this long to get a hold of WWE.”

Nash also touched on the current WWE product, giving his praise to Tyler Breeze and Fandango — Breezango — for their “Fashion Files” segments.

“It doesn’t feel like their skits are written by anybody,” Nash said. “To me, WWE’s product seems to be overwritten and overproduced, but not Breezango; they seem to have a lot more free reign.”

Finally, the former nWo founding member touched on The Bullet Club members using the “Too Sweet” hand symbol, crediting Waltman for being the one to legitimately originate the gesture.

“To me it’s just like, you [Waltman] created that. That is your hand signal,” Nash said. “You are the one that came in and told us the story of seeing the hand gesture at a bar, it was a ‘Turkish Wolf’ so if anyone should get credit for that hand gesture it’s you because you showed it to the Kliq and we adapted it as our inside hand gesture, so if they want to call it ‘Too Sweet’ that’s fine, but to me it’s like, really? I’m sure somebody through the peace sign for the first time are you going to try and get intellectual property on that?”

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