Kevin Owens Tweets About Being Honored To Have Teamed With Rey Mysterio During 2019 WWE UK Tour

Kevin Owens Lists Teaming With Rey Mysterio High Up On List Of Top Experiences In His 20-Year Wrestling Career

When lifelong pro wrestling enthusiast Kevin Owens managed to share a squared circle with pro wrestling legend Rey Mysterio in WWE recently, it was definitely one of the more memorable moments of the Canadian mega-star.

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens took to Twitter earlier today to comment on his recent tag pairing with Rey Mysterio at today’s house show event from Europe.

The former WWE Universal Champion thanked the Lucha Libre legend, stating that it was an absolute pleasure to share the ring with him.

“I’ve experienced lots of highs and lows in this industry over the past 20 years,” wrote Owens. “Getting to team with this guy tonight definitely belongs in the “highs” category,” he added.

Owens then concluded, “It was an absolute honor. Thank you, Rey Mysterio.”

Check out the tweet from Kevin Owens below.

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