Kevin Owens "WWE 365" Highlights

Kevin Owens Recalls Vince McMahon Not Liking His Match At WrestleMania 33

WWE premiered their new original series, WWE 365 on the WWE Network on Sunday evening immediately following the live WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

The first episode featured Kevin Owens journey in WWE dating back to WWE SummerSlam 2016 and covering his career up until this year. During the show, it was revealed that Vince McMahon wasn’t particularly fond of Owens’ match with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 33 earlier this year.

The documentary chronicled the significance of Owens performing in a singles match against Jericho at WWE’s biggest annual event, only to for it to turn out to be less than what he had envisioned, and a performance that garnered a negative reaction from the WWE Chairman.

“Nine years ago for WrestleMania 24, I was sitting in the crowd way up there in the bleachers,” Owens said. “To come back nine years later to be a focal point of WrestleMania with Chris Jericho, who we actually saw perform at WrestleMania 24 … to get to work with Chris the last six months, and now to get in the ring with him at WrestleMania is quite surreal.”

The special followed Owens through the curtain as he nervously approached McMahon at the Gorilla Position where he asked, “Are we good?,” which Vince promptly responded to by simply firing back, “No.”

Owens admitted it was the first time he had seen McMahon visibly upset with one of his matches, adding to the pressure of his showdown with A.J. Styles at WWE Battleground, which he again felt under-delivered. This time, however, he was surprised to find out that Vince enjoyed the match.

“I get in my own head,” Owens admitted. “I don’t know that I delivered the way I should have. Vince says I did, so that should be good enough for me, right? But it’s not, I don’t know. Maybe that’s what we should call this 365: Kevin Owens 365: I Don’t Know.”

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