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Killswitch Engage Talks About Not Liking New Song WWE Asked Them To Record

Rock band Killswitch Engage is reportedly back in the studio making music for WWE and other pro wrestling promotions. Mike D’Antonio, the bass player for the group, recently spoke with the folks from Metal Injection to discuss the current situation.

According to D’Antonio, the band wasn’t originally pleased with the assignment given to them by WWE. The group, which most notably wrote “The Fire Burns,” the original WWE theme music for CM Punk, was apparently asked by WWE to cover a song they weren’t exactly thrilled to do, however D’Antonio wouldn’t reveal which song it was.

“We’re not actually not even supposed to talk about it, but we have two wrestling theme songs in the works right now,” said D’Antonio. “One I believe is finished … the first one is done and then the second one we’re gonna start recording in like two weeks.”

D’Antonio continued, “One’s for one company and then the other is for WWE. The WWE one was really complicated because it was another thing where they sent us a song and said, ‘You need to cover this as best as possible or as close as possible’ and it’s not a good song.”

The Killswitch Engage bassist claims it took some time for the band to become pleased with the version of the song that they wouldn’t mind doing. According to D’Antonio, the song will soon be recorded.

“So we had a tough time with it and a lot of the dudes were like ‘I don’t wanna do this.’ And I get it. I understand,” D’Antonio said. “If it’s a really crappy song, if we gotta put our name on it, we don’t want our fans thinking we wrote something terrible. So we got this song to where we’re comfortable and we’re gonna start recording it soon.”

Check out the complete interview with Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio at MetalInjection.net.

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