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Kofi Kingston Reveals His Favorite Opponents In The WWE

WWE SmackDown Superstar and one-half of the current WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston recently spoke with TVInsider.com on topics such as his favorite opponents in the WWE over the years.

Kofi Kingston said:

“We’ll keep Usos as one. I’ll say the Usos for sure. If you’ve seen our tag matches, then I don’t need to explain it. Dolph Ziggler, he and I joke that back in the day we could have a best-of-500 series. Every match was always fun and incredible. I actually like having matches with Sami Zayn because of the visceral reactions he is able to garner from the crowd. Kevin Owens is actually really good. His skill level is amazing. Our matches are always great. Edge is really good. One of the first for me. When you’re in the ring with him, you just know it’s going to be good because he is an amazing storyteller and competitor.“

Kofi Kingston also spoke about his and Xavier Woods’ run so far in WWE NXT and whether he has enjoyed their run in NXT.

Kofi Kingston said:

“Too much fun. It has been amazing to mix it up with the kids down there. People who are trying to find themselves and their characters. They are in that infancy stage of what they will become. It’s very exciting to help them along. It’s an honor to be down there. It’s an honor to be an NXT champ. We have a big match coming up at Vengeance Day. We plan to be champs for a very long time.“

You can check out Kofi Kingston’s full comments at this link.

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