Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston Reveals Who Inspired His Crazy Spots In WWE Royal Rumble Matches

Former WWE champion Kofi Kingston was a recent guest on the Table Talk to talk about his incredible Royal Rumble spots and where the inspiration comes to performer them. Highlights are below.

Says that John Morrison inspired him to create unique Royal Rumble spots:

You know, for me, so John Morrison who was the one. I always give him credit because he’s the one who got like knocked off the barricade and then Spider-Manned, like spider monkeyed on the barricade and came back on. But then the year after that, he wasn’t with the company anymore so I was like, ‘Oooh, I mean, somebody’s gonna do something like that, maybe I’ll do it. I mean, I’ll take it, I’ll do that spot.’ So I then did the headstand. And again, this is a situation where I get a lot of credit for these. But everybody else that’s involved has to do their part. Otherwise, I can’t. Like, if Miz throws my feet too far I fall over, I cant do the headstand. If Matt Bloom — ‘Trainer for NXT’ is his official name now — doesn’t catch me on his back and he throws me on into the table. If he doesn’t do his job, I don’t get the credit, you know what I’m saying? If I get thrown into The Rosebuds and they all drop me then they don’t do their job and I don’t get the credit.

On never putting pressure on himself to plan the spots:

As far as coming up with a spot, I don’t ever put the pressure on myself to do it. It usually comes to me like a week before, maybe a little bit less. And usually, so I used to have Hornswoggle, we used to room together. That’s a whole other podcast, you know what I’m saying? But we would always go back and forth and he would kind get me a little bit of ideas. And all of a sudden, we’d come up with something. But yeah, I don’t really put pressure on myself to feel like if I don’t come up with one, then I just won’t. So it’ll be what it is.

Full video is below. (H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)


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