Kofi Kingston Suffers Ankle Injury; Undergoes Surgery

— The following is from a WWE.com article posted earlier today:

Kofi Kingston sustained an injury to his right ankle during The Revival’s post-match assault last Monday night on Raw, and WWE.com can confirm that the former Raw Tag Team Champion will be out of action for several weeks.

“During the attack by The Revival, Kofi injured his right ankle and heard a crack, and was unable to put weight on his leg following the attack,” WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann told WWE.com. “Further evaluation and an MRI revealed that the attack had caused fragments of bone to break off the ankle bone (talus), requiring arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone chips from the damaged joint.”

— To read the entire story, which has pictures of Kofi’s x-rays, click here.

— In case anyone was wondering about the legitimacy of Kofi Kingston’s ankle injury, here’s the deal. Kingston actually has a fractured ankle from before and needed surgery to repair fragments of bone that had broken off.

— According to sources, WWE then ran the injury angle on Raw to explain his upcoming time off, but he was in no way injured during the show. This is why Kingston – who usually teams up with Big E – was actually hanging around outside the ring when New Day took on the Revival on Raw.

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