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Kurt Angle Believes The Bloodline Story Is The Best Thing WWE Has Done In The Last Couple Of Years

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently took to his The Kurt Angle Show podcast, where he discussed how he believes The Bloodline story is the best thing WWE has done in the last couple of years, though he thinks Roman Reigns’ title reign is just too long.

Kurt Angle said:

“It [The Bloodline story] is the best thing that they have done in the last couple of years. I was really thinking, [if] Roman was going to hold the title for so long — and not that I’m against it, but I just think it’s too long. But having these guys turn on Roman … what a great storyline. They just turned s*** into Shinola, they really did.”

Kurt Angle also talked about how Roman Reigns deserves to be champion and how him being a champion is not a bad thing, especially with the WWE being able to this into an incredible storyline.

Kurt Angle said:

“I’m not saying that Roman being champion is s***. He deserves to be champion, he is the man, but they were able to turn this into an incredible storyline, that the fans are really into, and this is something they needed right now.”

Kurt Angle then talked about how “The Wise-Man” Paul Heyman is definitely a huge part of the creative process of The Bloodline’s storyline and how his ideas are what is being done right now.

Kurt Angle said:

“Paul [Heyman] is definitely a huge part of this [creative process]. I think it’s a lot of his ideas that are coming through right now.”

You can check out Kurt Angle’s full comments at this link. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.

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