Kurt Angle Facebook Q&A Highlights

Kurt Angle On Dream Match With Daniel Bryan & His Relationship With Eddie Guerrero

Kurt Angle recently took part in a Q&A with fans on his official Facebook page. The WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about his relationship with Eddie Guerrero, a potential match against Daniel Bryan and what has been keeping himself busy these days. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On Eddie Guerrero and if they were good friends: “Eddie and I were so close. Like brothers. Some days we got along, other days we fought… literally! We had a fight once backstage 15 years ago. We always treated each other like brothers though.”

On if Daniel Bryan is still his dream match opponent in WWE: “Daniel IS my dream match. To be honest, I’m not sure that I’m his dream match. It takes two to tango.”

On what keeps him busy now that he doesn’t appear on WWE programming: “My hobbies are really cool. They’re my kids. Seriously, I play with them, feed them, take them to gymnastics and dance class, and pick them up from school. I honestly don’t have time for anything else, but I like that. They’re my life.”

Check out the complete Q&A at Kurt Angle’s official Facebook page at Facebook.com/RealKurtAngle.

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