Kurt Angle Talks About AEW vs. WWE (May 2019)

Kurt Angle Explains Why AEW Will Always Be “No. 2” Promotion Behind WWE

While at the ABC Upfronts in New York City, New York this week, the folks from Wrestling Inc caught up with WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle.

During the discussion, Angle spoke at length about the new upstart pro wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and if they will ever be able to legitimately compete on the same level with WWE.

Angle also spoke about his new film, “Chasing Molly,” and whether or not he has ever considered taking to the stage as a stand-up comedian.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On WWE being solidified as the number one promotion no matter who else comes around: “I want the fans to be excited about it. I’m gonna tell you this though, and I don’t wanna come around in five years and say ‘I told you so.’ Listen, WWE is the No. 1 brand and will always be No. 1…There’s no way in heck anybody’s gonna catch up to them. If this company… I’m not daring them, I’m just saying it’s not bad to be No. 2. If you’re gonna set out to be No. 1, then you’re gonna spend a lot of F’n money.

“What I’m saying is that I think AEW can be a good addition to wrestling. I believe that it can be a great No. 2 company. But if they wanna be No. 1, be prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars. If you’re gonna catch up to WWE, you’re gonna have to do that. I welcome AEW to do whatever they want to do to become No. 1. But I’m telling you right now, they’re gonna have a great run but WWE is No. 1 and always will be.”

On his new film “Chasing Molly,” which features the “Progressive” commercial guy Jim Cashman: “When I saw [Cashman] I said, ‘Man, you’re the Progressive guy.’ He started laughing and I couldn’t believe it was him. He’s a good little actor and has some history with some TV shows and movies. I thought he did a great job with this movie.”

On if he has ever thought about doing stand-up comedy since he is known for having so many legendary funny segments in WWE with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Edge & Christian, Mick Foley and many others: “Hell no. I want you to know this: every funny thing that I did in WWE 15, 20 years ago – I didn’t write any of it [laughs]. Our writer wrote that stuff. So, I didn’t come up with the content and just did what I was told to do. I got to do some crazy, funny stuff back then.”

Check out highlights of the Kurt Angle interview below. H/T to WrestlingInc.com for transcribing the above interview quotes and providing the interview highlights via their YouTube channel below.

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