Kurt Angle Facebook Q&A Highlights (4/20/2019)

Kurt Angle On How WWE Could Use Him Now That He’s Retired, Ricochet’s Potential

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle recently took part in a Q&A with his fans on his official Facebook page. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On wishing he would have kept some of the World Championships he has won over the years for his kids: “Unfortunately, I didn’t save any. I gave them either to charity or to Hall of Fames to display for fans. My wife disagrees with me, but I’ve never kept a shrine of my accomplishments because I don’t need a title to remind me of how good I was. Although, I wish I kept some of the apparel that I gave away, for my kids.”

On who stands out to him from the recent talents that moved up from NXT to the WWE main roster: “I’m really starting to like Aleister Black and Ricochet, but not as a tag team. They’re good together, but I think they will shine more as singles wrestlers. There are talents that have yet to be used — like Apollo, Gable, and Roode. It’s a good time to watch new stars come out of the woodwork.”

On how he may end up being involved in WWE now that he is retired: “I would like to teach the sports entertainers anything that I can to help them improve. It will be fun and challenging. I may end up with a managerial role on TV down the line. It would be fun managing the talent.”

Check out more Q&A from Kurt Angle by visiting his official Facebook page at Facebook.com/RealKurtAngle.

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