Kurt Angle Talks To Sam Roberts

Kurt Angle Offers High Praise To Ronda Rousey, Talks About Her Potential

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle spoke with Sam Roberts while at this year’s Ringside Collectibles: Ringside Fest for an interview. During the discussion, Angle spoke at length about another fellow U.S. Olympic medalist, Ronda Rousey, and how she has been faring since making the transition from MMA to pro wrestling.

The Olympic Gold medalist gave props to the Olympic Bronze medalist for her debut efforts inside the WWE squared circle at WrestleMania.

“I think Ronda exceeded expectations from everybody,” Angle said. “She did her homework. You can’t lie to anyone, Ronda was new to WWE at the time. She had very little experience but what she did at WrestleMania was unbelievable; she stole the show. I knew before we went in there (the ring), Triple H and I knew she should be the focus. If you watch that match, the focus is really on Ronda. That is what we had to do in order to get her to be where she is right now. She did a really great job.”

As the discussion went on, Angle compared his quick transition from Olympic competition and combat sports to the sports entertainment world to Rousey’s.

“I can’t believe how well, how quickly she adapted to it,” Angle continued. “I felt like it was me. A couple of weeks ago, she cut a promo (on Nikki Bella) in the ring and I was thinking that she was getting it way too quickly. This girl has been the best in judo, the best in the UFC but I think this is her thing. I think the WWE is the thing she’ll be the most known for. If healthy, another six-ten years, this will be her legacy.”

Check out the complete Kurt Angle interview with Sam Roberts from Ringside Fest below.

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