Kurt Angle Reveals Dream Opponents, How Much He Likes Dolph Ziggler

Earlier this week, Kurt Angle spoke with Inside the Ropes, where he shared that he’s always wanted to work with Dolph Ziggler. The WWE Hall of Famer also discussed other opponents he would like to square off with, and more. Check out his comments below:

On his desire to work with Dolph Ziggler:

“I always wanted to work with Dolph. From the beginning when I came back to WWE, he was on my radar. The kid is such a special talent, he can do just about anything and I think that his size really helps him. He’s a little bit smaller, so he’s able to do a lot more. But I’ve always loved his work. I’ve been a big fan of him since he started and I would have loved to have a match with him.”

On dream opponents:

“He wasn’t my dream match per se: Daniel Bryan was, or Bret Hart. But Dolph is right up there, without a doubt.”

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