Kurt Angle On Roman Reigns: “If The Fans Don’t Accept Him, Then Turn Him Heel”

RAW GM Kurt Angle recently did an interview with the Washington Top News where he commented on the mixed reactions from fans to RAW star Roman Reigns, and compared him to John Cena.

The WWE Hall of Famer said he loves Reigns, but feels WWE might have pushed him too fast for some fans’ liking. Angle believes when a star skips the mid-card and goes right to the top, it makes some fans resent him.

“Half the fans love him; half the fans hate him,” Angle said of Reigns. “Same with [John] Cena. When Cena came in, Vince pushed the hell out of him, and fans were like, ‘Gosh, dang. This guy’s invincible. I hate him!’ … If Vince waits it out a bit, fans will start to accept [Roman Reigns], and if they don’t, then turn him heel.”

Angle mentioned that some of his other favorite members of the current WWE roster are Cesaro, Kevin Owens, DOolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, and Chad Gable.

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