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Kurt Angle Sounds Off Against WWE For Not Using Particular Wrestler Properly In His Opinion

WWE Hall of Famer and former world champion Kurt Angle spoke about WWE’s misuse of Chad Gable on the latest edition of his Kurt Angle Show podcast. The Olympic Hero states that if the company takes the restraints off of Gable he will become a big star, but holding him back is not doing him any good.

Chad has been underutilized, and I believe it’s his size, even though he’s as strong as an ox. He does a deadlift German with 300-pounders and it’s impressive. To do something like that, that’s a talent you want to utilize. He’s the real deal. He might not look that big, but his strength, technique, and ability show in those matches. If you put reigns on the kid, he’s not going to succeed, but if you let him go and let him do his thing, he’s going to be a huge star. Someday, they’re going to utilize him correctly,” said Angle. “People get injured, main event wrestlers especially because they are putting in the most work. Eventually, he’s going to get called up into a spot and he’s going to blow their minds and they’ll keep him in that spot. It’s going to happen eventually.

Angle later adds that he believes WWE will eventually give Gable the chance to shine.

I think Chad Gable is going to get that chance. All wrestlers eventually do unless they end up quitting or get fired.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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