Kurt Angle Facebook Q&A Highlights

Kurt Angle Talks About His Current Character In WWE Missing “Depth”

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle recently held his regular Q&A with fans on his official Facebook page. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his favorite Royal Rumble match to participate in during his career: “I never fared well at the [Royal] Rumble. I defended three of my World Titles at the Rumble though. HHH, [Chris] Benoit, and [Mark] Henry. That’s what I did best at Royal Rumble. I defended World Titles.”

On his take on intergender wrestling: “As long as a male doesn’t physically punch or kick a female. If it’s just wrestling then it can work. I love it.”

On the biggest mistake he made that actually helped his career: “My biggest mistake that helped my career? When I got choked out by Taz at 2000 [Royal] Rumble. Big mistake. But I claimed it was an illegal move and since it was illegal, I was still undefeated. It worked! I got a lot of heat for it. Classic heel Angle, lol.”

On working with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s intensity in the ring: “[Steve] Austin and I were both a bit stiff. He was so good at his craft. He was intense. I had to step up my game to match his intensity. I loved working with him. Reminded me of working with [Chris] Benoit.”

On the differences between the Kurt Angle of the 1990s and the Kurt Angle of today: “When I started, I was a lot more diverse. I had more personality, many depths to my character. I was fun. I can do it again, but I need some good storylines to get me moving. I miss those days.”

On his favorite heel moment: “When I got beat by Rey Mysterio and I said, ‘I can’t believe a 12 year old just beat me.’ I loved doing those heel segments.”

Check out more of Kurt Angle’s Q&A at Facebook.com/RealKurtAngle.

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