Kurt Angle Q&A Highlights

Kurt Angle On Wanting To Wrestle AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan, The Shield’s Return

WWE Hall Of Famer and RAW General Manager Kurt Angle took part in a Q&A on his official Facebook page this weekend. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his favorite match stipulation: “One on one Ironman Match. It’s the only way to separate the men from the boys. I’ve done 4 or 5 in my entire career. That’s when you know how good you truly are. Ironman Match!”

On what he thinks before performing his moonsault: “I don’t think much. When you think about it, it makes you hesitate, and THAT’S when you get hurt. Just do it.”

On who he would rather face: A.J. Styles or Daniel Bryan: “AJ or Daniel? That’s like comparing identical twins. They’re both exceptional. Just give me 30 minutes with one of them. That’s all I want.”

On the return of The Shield: “The Shield has been dealing with a lot of setbacks and injuries. But they will unite again. Be patient.”

On the most painful move to be on the receiving end of: “The Last Ride. It’s like getting shot in the chest. Undertaker is 7 feet tall…when he lifts you over his head, you’re 8 feet in the air. It’s a long ride down to the canvas.”

Check out more from Kurt Angle’s Q&A at Facebook.com.

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