Kurt Angle On What HHH Said To Him About Returning To WWE TV, Who Will Induct Him Into HOF

Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle recently appeared on CBS Sports Radio to discuss being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Now that Angle is on working terms with WWE again, one question on his fans’ minds is if he’ll compete in a WWE ring again or take on some other recurring on-air role. Angle says he hasn’t discussed those specifics with the company yet, but that he expects to return to WWE programming in some capacity.

“I honestly, I talked to Triple H and I did throw that at him and he said ‘Listen, we’re not gonna talk about all of that until after the Hall Of Fame,'” Angle recalled. “He did say we will talk afterwards. My guess is I will return.”

Angle clarified that he can’t speak for WWE on the issue of his return, but that he is still actively wrestling and doesn’t plan on stopping just yet.

“I was surprised I got it this early,” Angle said of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. “At 48 years of age, I’m not even done wrestling yet so it was a huge honor. I didn’t spend a lot of time in WWE, I think I was there six and a half years, so to make the kind of impact I did to be a Hall Of Famer in six and a half years made me feel pretty good.”

Angle revealed that WWE will announce the person who’ll induct him in the next week or two. The former WWE & TNA World Champion says he requested for either The Undertaker, Steve Austin, or John Cena to induct him, but he doesn’t know how much say he has in the matter. Angle also suggested Brock Lesnar, but didn’t seem to think that would be very likely as he’s “a man of very few words.”

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