LA Knight

LA Knight’s Current WWE Contract Reportedly Still Has More Than One Year Left

WWE is showing a strong interest in securing LA Knight for the long term.

According to reports from Fightful Select, around the time of WWE’s Summerslam event, the company approached LA Knight with the intention of extending his contract for several years. However, it’s worth noting that as of that time, the deal had not been finalized, and it still had a significant amount of time left before it could potentially expire, which was projected to be late 2024 or early 2025. Typically, WWE tends to wait until contracts are closer to expiration before making new offers. Yesterday, PWInsider reported that they were in the final stages of reaching an agreement, but fightful says that has yet to be confirmed in any way.

There were previous rumors suggesting that WWE was holding off on pushing LA Knight until his contract situation was sorted out, despite the fact that he still had over a year left on his current deal.

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