Lana Discusses Miro’s WWE Release, More

During her recent interview on Talk Is Jericho the Ravishing Russian Lana spoke about her time in WWE, and how she felt very depressed after her husband, current AEW TNT champion Miro, was given his release. She later discusses how inconsistent WWE’s booking was for certain members of the women’s division, stating that WWE could sometimes make the women feel secondary to the men. Highlights are below.

How she was depressed after Miro was released, and felt like she was not important:

“Honestly, when Miro got let go, for me personally it was harder when Miro got let go. Just in general. I was a lot more depressed, I was a lot more sad… That f***** me up. First of all I was shook. Never in a million years did I think he would be fired before me. And that place makes you feel that way. That place makes you feel that men are more important than women. That place makes you feel that way especially if you are a manager or a valet, you’re secondary. And maybe you are secondary, but I do feel like I was a big part of his success. And I feel like I’m a big part of his success behind closed doors, in AEW. And I can talk about that now.”

On WWE’s inconsistent booking:

“One time Nattie and I did a whole segment with Mickie James and they debuted Chelsea [Green]. So Nattie and I were at the Performance Center. I was managing Nattie. It was the first time I was managing her, and Chelsea was supposed to debut with Mickie, and we did it all. We did it all, we went home, I’m in bed, and we get a call from one of the writers that they’re cutting it. Vince looked at it and he went ‘no, cut the whole thing.’ And we had to go back to film another backstage, all of it. Chelsea didn’t debut. It was constantly weird stuff.”

(H/T and transcribed by WrestleTalk)

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