Lana Talks To E! News

Lana Reveals Nikki Bella Encouraged Her Not To Quit WWE

Ahead of the season seven premiere of Total Divas, which airs on E! on Wednesday, November 1st, E! News spoke with Lana for an interview.

During the discussion, Lana credited Nikki Bella with encouraging her to avoid quitting her “wrestling journey.”

“Nikki has helped me so, so, so much,” Lana said to E! News. “There have been times in my wrestling journey — and you’re going to see this on the show — when I’ve gotten discouraged because the success doesn’t come overnight.”

Lana continued, “It’s a lot of getting in there and failing. She was really the person that kept on encouraging me not to give up, to be resilient, to be brave and to have courage. At times, I would think maybe I shouldn’t continue to pursue my dream of competing in that ring, but she kept on telling me not to give up and keep on training. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Nikki Bella.”

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