Lana Vents Frustration About WWE 2K19 Character Model

Lana Upset With Her WWE 2K19 Character Model, Compares It To Tonya Harding

It looks like Lana isn’t pleased with her WWE 2K19 video game character model. The WWE Superstar took to social media this weekend to vent her frustration with the character model looking nothing like herself, with short hair and ring gear that she has never worn.

“Who is this??????,” questioned Lana. “Never have I worn that gear or wrestled with short hair so I am very confused who this woman is.”

She then went on to post a photo of the cover of the new Tonya Harding film, I, Tonya, comparing her WWE 2K19 character model to the actress playing Harding.

“Don’t worry [WWE Universe] the #LanaDay score is not low because this is actually Tonya Harding the professional figure skater making her in ring debut on the [WWE Games],” wrote Lana in a second tweet. “Can’t wait to see the #RavishingRussian.”

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