Lana’s New Gimmick, WWE Talent Briefed on Cyber Security

  • The intention for Lana’s new character was for it to be a heel but with the gimmick she has, it’s pretty much a lock that she will end up being a babyface.
  • Lana has been inserted into the role that was originally envisioned for Eva Marie (and then later on, considered for Emma/Emmalina) but the former has left the company and the latter was repackaged.
  • WWE held what appears to be presentations or meetings with wrestlers on Raw and Smackdown before TVs this week regarding the security of their online social media accounts. This was a result in recent months of several of the women experiencing breaches where private nude photos were released without authorization.
  • The talent were taught how people could get access to their accounts and what steps they should take to ensure that their private accounts remain private and to minimize the threats of a breach.

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