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Lashley Shuts The Door On Lesnar MMA Bout, Says He Wants To Fight Fedor

TNA Wrestling star and Bellator MMA Heavyweight contender Bobby Lashley recently spoke with for an interview. During the discussion, Lashley spoke about potential super fights against Brock Lesnar and MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko.

Regarding this past weekend’s Bellator 172 event in San Jose, California, which saw the main event between MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko and Matt Mitrione cancelled right before the main card went live on Spike TV, Lashley mentioned that after their fight gets rescheduled and takes place, he hopes he gets the opportunity to fight Fedor.

“I think every heavyweight wants to get the opportunity to fight Fedor (Emelianenko) before he completely retires. That was one thing that I was hoping to get early on. I have all the respect for Mitrione; I think Mitrione is an incredible person. I like that fight with Fedor, but I know they’re still going to give Mitrione the opportunity to fight him. After he fights him, hopefully they open the doors for me.”

Additionally, Lashley, who had mentioned a potential WWE vs. TNA / UFC vs. Bellator MMA fight between himself and Brock Lesnar in many recent interviews, finally closed the door on a possible showdown between the two crossover athletes.

“I think it’s shut. I would like to say it’s not shut, but I think it’s shut. I think the WWE is taking really good care of him right now, which they should, because he’s a huge star for them. If they’re taking care of him there’s no real reason for him to keep stepping back over. He made a huge paycheck on his last (fight), so I don’t think he even wants to come back and do anything anymore.”

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