Latest QR Code Pops Up On WWE Raw; Countdown Hints At Major Reveal Next Week

— Another QR code popped up during last night’s episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw and all signs now point to a reveal or at the very least a twist planned for next week’s show in Corpus Christi, TX.

— As Rey Mysterio’s entrance was playing, a QR code flashed on screen again with the message “Your patience will be rewarded. Your impatience will be punished” and when you scan the code, it leads to a page on WWE.com with another message that reads “You refused salvation. The reckoning is inevitable” with a countdown clock that appears to be ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to next week’s Raw.

— It has been reported that all the codes that have made their way to WWE shows, similar to what the company did for Bray Wyatt, over the past couple of months are leading to the introduction of a new stable of wrestlers which have been reported to include Bo Dallas, Dexter Lumis, Joe Gacy, Erik Rowan, and Nikki Cross. Whether this will be a reincarnation of the Wyatt Family using characters Bray introduced in the past or whether these wrestlers will get brand new personas remains to be seen.

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