Latest WWE Backlash Betting Odds: Jinder Mahal Favored to Win

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Major shifts in the betting odds for WWE Backlash have become a reality and these are serious changes. Originally Randy Orton was favored to retain the WWE Championship but now Jinder Mahal is favored to win that match at 2/5, so a $5 bet would win only $2 in a Jinder wager. As usual, this projection only applies to the outcome of the match as opposed to Jinder actually walking out champion due to the “champion’s advantage” Orton is afforded of having to be pinned or submitted.

Kevin Owens is now favored at 1/12 to win his United States Championship match against AJ Styles in a bout that just yesterday was favoring AJ to win. The odds are actually very wide in KO’s favor. Two other major flips see both The Welcoming Committee and Sami Zayn winning their matches where they were previously underdogs.

Shinsuke Nakamura was always favored in his match with Dolph Ziggler but now his odds have widened making him the most favored of any other talent by a wide margin. Nakamura is currently at 1/66 meaning it would take a successful bet of $66 just to win $1.

The pre show match also now has odds out with Tye Dillenger being the favorite at 1/6.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton(c) 7/4 vs Jinder Mahal 2/5

United States Championship
Kevin Owens(c) 1/12 vs AJ Styles 11/2

SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Usos (c) 1/14 vs Breezango 11/2

Sami Zayn 1/2 vs Baron Corbin 6/4

6 Woman Tag Match
Naomi(c), Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch 5/1 vs Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina 1/10

Shinsuke Nakamura 1/66 vs Dolph Ziggler 11/1

Luke Harper 1/14 vs Erick Rowan 11/2

Tye Dillinger 1/6 vs Aiden English 7/2


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