Latest on WWE’s Efforts to Hold SummerSlam Outside of the Performance Center

— On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the location for this month’s SummerSlam PPV was once again discussed. Atlantic City, NJ definitely seems like the target destination and it was noted that Vince just “wants to be out of Florida” and wants a “different look” for the show. Even if the PPV is moved to New Jersey, the question on whether fans are allowed to attend is completely up in the air. It was reiterated that Vince “really” wants fans at SummerSlam but nothing is finalized because if it was, they would have announced it on Raw last night. SummerSlam is less than three weeks away, so time is running out especially if they want to sell tickets. The other complicating matter is that New Jersey has seen in an uptick in COVID-19 cases and the social distancing rules there have tightened up over the last week, creating another obstacle for WWE.

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