Lio Rush/WWE Update (5/2/2019)

Lio Rush/WWE Update: Superstar Reveals More Details About His Backstage Heat

In a new interview with Fightful, WWE star Lio Rush opens up about the reported heat that he has backstage to reveal his side of the story. Rush begins by talking about his time with Bobby Lashley, which he admits that he’s enjoyed, but wants to know why he doesn’t get paid for merchandise of his catchphrases. He mentions that it’s tough to be in the biggest sports industry in the world, yet he’s not making the money he should to support his family.

My issue has never been with Bobby Lashley. Being with Bobby has helped the both of us out tremendously. It’s given me speaking confidence I didn’t know i had. I never was a promo guy on the indies. But being with Bobby made me a promo guy. My issue isn’t with my on screen role. My issue is the fact that I haven’t been on meet & greets with Bobby, haven’t been getting paid for merchandise for us that has my catchphrases on them. (I) have been sent to live shows and TVs and forced to pay for my own rental for 5 days as well as hotel while not making enough money to do so. Walking around broke in the biggest sports entertainment industry that there is while having two kids and a wife to support.

Rush would then shift into a rumor about him not carrying bags for other wrestlers, a supposed tradition that is normally passed down onto the new young lions of the locker room. Rush explains that the perception of a young black man carrying supplies is not a good look for a global company, especially when he himself is trying to be a superstar.

It’s not about race and it has never been, but public perception is important to me and when we have fans that travel all over the globe and watch us get off of buses and into hotels, the LOOK of a black kid carrying waters and bags for other wrestlers is just not a good look, especially when I’m trying to portray myself as a superstar as well.

He addresses his relationship with Finn Balor, talks about bringing his wife backstage, and reveals that there is a member of the WWE that is leaking false information to the press because they want to see him fired.

Me and Finn are cool ,and my wife has never been an issue. There is someone who works for WWE who has hated me since the day I’ve worked for ROH and now that they work for WWE they’re leaking false information to get me released. At a certain point, I have to defend myself so that’s what I decided to do. We’re all human, and we’re all grown ass adults. The kind of shit the flies backstage is ridiculous and I’m surprised more people aren’t speaking up,

Rush ends by taking aiming at the wrestling press, stating that he wishes the “sheets” wouldn’t spread so any false/negative reports. He is extremely grateful to Fightful for reaching out to him personally.

These sheets should spread positive messages to the world but they only want to spread false, negative reports to damage someone else’s career. What’s wrong with spreading truth? Thank you for reaching out to me, and I appreciate you for doing that. I honestly do. I’ve never been about the BS or politics or anything else rather than showing up to work, doing my job and providing for my family. I grew up in the worst parts of DC, and certain things that I was taught will always stick with me and why I’ve gotten to where I am now in life. I realize that people will talk regardless of how much positivity you try and push out into the world.

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