Lita Asks Fans To Name Her New Television Show

Lita Asks Fans To Name Her New TV Show, Eva Marie Offers Fans Intimate Q&A (Video)

– Featured below is a new NEM Talks Q&A video with Eva Marie, where she points out the fact that fans can get to know her on a more personal level through an intimate discussion, as opposed to a traditional question-and-answer session.

– WWE Hall Of Famer Amy “Lita” Dumas recently took to social media to promote a new television show she has coming out soon. She posted the following on her official Instagram page asking fans to help her name the show.

“NAME MY SHOW!!! A while back, I asked you guys what Amy Dumas the TV show would look like. I have to admit you all were pretty dead on. Dogs, vegan food, roadside stops, punk rock, oh and Duh- Aliens Well, the wait is almost over for you to see this thing. But what’s it called? Name my show. I send you something cool for your contribution. I also must warn you, I’ve got @beckylynchwwe on the pun game, so you’ll have some stiff competition. Think UFOs and kitsch. Basically, think me. What choo got? #namemyshow.”

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