Logan Paul Says He Thought He Wasn’t Going To Make It Out Of The Table Spot At WWE SummerSlam Without A Broken Arm Or Leg

Social media personality and WWE Superstar Logan Paul recently took to his IMPAULSIVE podcast to talk about a variety of topics such as the table spot at this past Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam Event when he delivered a Frog Splash on The Miz through a table and how he thought he was not going to make it out of it without a broken arm or leg.

Logan Paul said:

“Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to make it out of that without a broken arm or leg, I swear to God [Paul said about his Frog Splash through the announce table at SummerSlam]. That table jump, the first time I practiced it, the stunt guy goes, ‘You are going to break both femurs…’ well because I landed too close and dude, you know what’s funny? If you guys haven’t seen the clip, I’ve littered my Instagram with it. I’m amused — I don’t know if I can say this — I’m amused by watching me do the WWE. I cannot believe it’s me, do you know what I’m saying?”

Logan Paul also talked about what was going through his head moments before he made the jump.

Logan Paul said:

“When I was jumping off of that pylon onto the table, I had one thought before I made the final leap, I swear to God. I’m looking around at this stadium and I’m like, this is it. This is a moment that can make or break a career. Is this what he can do? What is he capable of? And I go, my life’s been going so good. I did great in WrestleMania. I’m gonna jump and break both my femurs right now. I go, this is the end of my career, f*ck it and then just f*cking nailed it [Paul laughed]. I couldn’t believe it bro!”

You can check out Logan Paul’s comments in the video below. H/T to PostWrestling.com for transcribing the above quotes.

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