Loss of Creative Booking Power Reportedly Led to Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW

After officially departing AEW earlier this week, Cody Rhodes looks more and more likely headed to WWE. Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reports that “sources close to the situation” have confirmed that Rhodes’ next destination is indeed WWE, which is where he started his career over 15 years ago in the company’s developmental system. He left WWE in 2016 unhappy at the creative direction of his character and members of the writing team but it is expected to be a “non-factor” this time around where he is going to have a far different relationship to WWE President Vince McMahon and his team. The report adds that Cody could begin filming vignettes as early as this weekend and that his wife, Brandi, is currently not expected to join her husband in WWE.

— Apart from contract negotiations breaking down, the story also paints a different picture on what may have led to Cody leaving AEW. It notes that when Rhodes lost booking/creative responsibilities, it represented a huge loss to him as it prevented him from paying further homage to his father Dusty who was known as a brilliant booker. While Cody and others initially had booking power in AEW, Tony Khan slowly phased that out and took full control of the creative direction of his promotion.

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