Super ShowDown

Major WWE Star Returns at Super ShowDown; Will Likely Have a Match at WrestleMania

A major WWE Superstar is expected to turn up in Saudi Arabia when WWE returns to Riyadh on Thursday for their Super ShowDown 2020 live WWE Network special event.

WWE presents Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia later this week and it appears one big name, though unannounced, is headed there to start a program leading up to his WrestleMania 36 match.

It was reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Undertaker is scheduled to be at Super Show Down, not to wrestle, but to engage in some sort of confrontation with AJ Styles, who is his rumored opponent at the April extravaganza.

Styles is competing in the Tuwaiq Trophy, so it seems logical to assume that Taker will either show up during or after that match. also reports that Undertaker is returning to WWE Raw on the March 9 edition of the show, obviously to further whatever it is that he is expected to start with Styles at Super ShowDown.

WWE Super ShowDown *SPOILER*

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