Malakai Black Reportedly Given Release From AEW With Heavy Restrictions

— It was recently reported that Malakai Black requested his release from AEW but it was effectively denied and he ended up wrestling at All Out. To make matters more interesting, following a loss at the PPV, Black was seen taking a bow and blowing kisses to the audience in a sign that he was done with AEW and it appears that is now the case.

— reports that several wrestlers within AEW are under the belief that Black has now gotten his release from AEW, however, that release is “highly conditional” as AEW historically hasn’t granted releases except for disciplinary reasons. AEW CEO Tony Khan was hopeful that he could retain Black and wanted him in AEW “for years to come” and there were conversations over the last 1-2 weeks to try and salvage the relationship, however, online rumors suggested that Black cited his mental health as a reason he wanted to leave.

— AEW officials were under the impression that after those discussions, things were worked out, however, it was then believed that if Black wasn’t happy in AEW and wanted out that they should probably just give him his release. The belief is also that the heavy restrictions on Black will probably prevent him from wrestling for any other promotion for the foreseeable future and he has already withdrawn from an indie show later this week. AEW sources also note that if Black ever wanted to come back to the company, the door would be open.

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