Malakai Black

Malakai Black Slams Reports That He’s Been Granted Release From AEW

— Malakai Black, who has taken a leave of absence from wrestling amid significant speculation about his status, released a video on Instagram Monday evening where he took aim at dirtsheets and various online reports which he claims are spreading false rumors about his situation. Addressing the topic of his release from AEW, Black denied that he was granted one instead noting that he has simply been given time off by AEW CEO Tony Khan to deal with his personal matters and would be back in weeks or months.

— Black also took direct aim at reports suggesting that he signed a five year contract with AEW or has five years left, saying that is completely false while trashing any dirtsheets which reported that. Interestingly, the news of a five-year contract came directly from Tony Khan, who made the comments on Busted Open Radio soon after the news leaked that WWE was looking to bring back wrestlers that had left their company when Vince McMahon was still in control. Khan had specifically referenced Black and Adam Cole as two talents who were not going anywhere.

“Alright guys, good evening. You know there’s nothing I want to do less right now than going live but, especially in a time where I’m supposed to take care of myself and take care of a lot of things in my private life, but, you know, some people can’t seem to shut the f*ck up and create things that are not there, so I have to go out here again and, well, have a conversation with you guys here.”

“Alright, guys how many times do I need to tell people that if you can’t even get the number of years of my contract right, a very minuscule detail, then how are you expecting, how are people expecting these guys know intimate and private detailing in regards to my private business? My contract’s not five years, my contract has never been five years, again this is all bulls**t, this is all lies. So, you know, I posted a statement, and even if you, and, of course, all of you have read my statement, because even if you read my statement, it clearly reads that even ‘release’ is in quotations. If you don’t know what quotations means, it means that the author doesn’t agree with said quote or said word choice, or, it also means that it’s not his wording. Then, it is followed by a bunch of multiple things in regards to my marriage and stuff, but it even says that my stuff about my conditional release, that is false, so why are you guys still thinking, why are people still writing that I’ve got my release? Like why do you trust these people to tell you the truth? Because it’s not true.”

“Like, in a time where I’m supposed to take care of myself and kind of wind down, I have to deal with this kind of stupid bullsh*t from people who are not in the business pretending that they are in the business with all of the sources and you know what the worst thing about it is? For the past three days, nothing but weird, hateful comments and today even two death threats. Death threats? Death threats? You wish death upon a person because of what someone else has said is confirmed? Clearly it’s not confirmed, none of it is confirmed. There’s no confirmation because I haven’t left. Luckily, I’ve been, and that’s what this whole thing’s been about, I’ve been given time off by Tony to take care of a bunch of stuff that has been cleared up like weeks, weeks ago. All of this stuff was weeks ago. And I posted that statement as a summary for you to understand why I take some time off. Again, it’s in the statement, like it is in the statement. Like, it’s mind-boggling that you still – if this isn’t enough insight for you guys to stop believing these people, then I don’t know what is. Because if you, like, again were part of this whole mob that is sending me a bunch of hateful comments based on the words of someone else, then sorry, you’re dumb. Like you’re stupid. And, of course, does anyone understand that like, in the time where I’m going through this stuff and I’m kind of dealing with a bunch of stuff in a very productive manner that that exactly doesn’t help? And what I hate about it is that none of these dirt sheets will take responsibility, none of these guys will take accountability and say ‘oh sh*t we f*cked up, I’m sorry, we should’ve probably not said that. Oh, he’s going through some stuff, maybe we shouldn’t make these baseless assumptions.’ Because, again, as it turns out, it isn’t true! None of it’s true! Not one single thing of it is true!”

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