Mandy Leon Talks To Pittsburgh City Paper

Mandy Leon Describes ROH Locker Room Atmosphere, Favorites In WWE & More

Mandy Leon recently spoke with the Pittsburgh City Paper for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On what the Ring Of Honor (ROH) locker room atmosphere is like: “As far as the locker room goes, we’re mixing with the guys, so it’s Ring of Honor and Women of Honor, and the roster is really a family. I always say that. The talent in that locker room’s relationship is unlike anywhere you’re going to work in this business. When we come here, we’re brothers and sisters. We look out for each other. There’s no negative vibes, and you know that everyone has your back. Everybody is going to support you and is willing to help you and give each other feedback. The women are treated equal in that space, and that’s what’s so great about this roster in general. Even when we hate each other in the ring and are working each other, we still put that aside and support each other when anyone needs help. I don’t know how to describe it other than ‘amazing!'”

On her current favorites in WWE and other promotions: “I enjoy all of the Women of Honor first and foremost. As for other companies, I had the honor of working her, Io Shirai of Stardom, she’s absolutely amazing. I also love Mayu [Iwatani], Kagetsu. They are all amazing and are some of my faves, and we got really close when I was in Japan working them, and it was amazing. WWE-wise, I think right now I’m just thoroughly enjoying all the independent wrestling women who are getting opportunities through the Mae Young Classic. A lot of them are friends, so it’s so cool to see all those faces come in. Main roster-wise, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, but I’m enjoying seeing the independent girls work their way up. But right now my obsession has been Joshi style wrestling.”

On her goals for next year: “I want to travel a lot more, I want to get into the U.K. scene and go to Mexico, too. I’d like to do as much traveling as I can to really embrace an international name. I want to learn more and grow more, and I’m feeling more confident in the ring after my tour of Japan. I’d love to go back to Japan and see how the relationship with Stardom goes. I just want to travel more and enjoy life and soak up so much knowledge and grow. And a WOH belt would be pretty great too!”

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