Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose Garners Significant Response After Sharing Picture In Her Underwear (View Photo)

Mandy Rose is one of, if not the most attractive, stunning, captivating and enchanting figures in all of pro wrestling. She has a really strong presence on social media and she can involve herself in any work and be successful at it, including modeling and professional wrestling.

One night prior to officially declaring her entry into the 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match, Mandy took to her Instagram and posted a photo of herself, wearing an underwear, and even wrote the caption “Coffee First.” This photo has been a huge hit on social media, garnering over 350,000 likes on Instagram and over 23,000 more on Twitter.

Mandy Rose even spoke with Lilian Garcia and discussed all aspects of her career, including how she’s super happy with where she is at with her body currently after years of bodybuilding.

You can check out Mandy Rose’s full Instagram post below:

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