Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews Talks Goals For WWE, Working In NXT, Rough Travel Schedule

Mark Andrews recently spoke with Wales Online about working in NXT, his goals in WWE and more. Below are some of the highlights.

On working in NXT “The idea of being a part of NXT is incredible for me. In my first match I was wrestling Pete Dunn who is a long-term friend. We started training together when he was 12 and I was 15. To have a match with him in NXT was incredible, the cherry on top, and has been the peak of my career so far.”

On traveling taking a big toll on his body: “A lot of people ask about injuries but I find the traveling takes a bigger toll on my body. I am not on landing on my back and taking bumps – I am just sitting in car. Because my body has become so accustomed to wrestling over the years it is used to it. When I go on tour with my band I have to do a lot of stretches and take my foam roller with me. I am only 25 but I feel much tighter now than when I was 21. It is not the wrestling – it is being squashed in cars!”

On his goals in WWE: “I am not the largest wrestler. I am 5ft 8ins and about 150lbs. For me cruiserweight wrestling is the style I enjoy the most. Massive congratulations to Tyler Bates [who won the UK Championship] but I want that championship. After that I want that Cruiserweight Championship as well.”

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