Mark Henry Talks To Sports Illustrated

Mark Henry Addresses Retirement Rumors, Recalls Early Nation Of Domination Segment

Longtime WWE veteran Mark Henry recently spoke with Justin Bassarro of Sports Illustrated for their “Week In Wrestling” feature to promote the upcoming RAW 25th Anniversary special next Monday night in New York. Featured below are some quick highlights from the interview.

On rumors that he is retired: “I am not retired. There is still a lot I can do.”

On the reason why he has been away from the squared circle: “I love the WWE, I love the company, but I have two kids and they want me home. They want me to see their recitals and sporting events, and I want to see them grow and evolve. My dad didn’t live with me when I was growing up, and he missed so much. I am not going to repeat that.”

On first appearance on WWE television as part of the Nation Of Domination faction: “That was the first time I was on television with the Nation. Dwayne was introducing me to Ron and said, ‘Hey, I got you a present. I got you the World’s Strongest Man.’ I was their heater, their enforcer, and I really wasn’t supposed to say anything. My job was to stand there and look big.

“I said to Ron, ‘I’m here for you’ and Ron shouted, ‘Shut up! Nobody’s talking to you!’ I was like, ‘Oh s—, is he being serious?’ Afterward, Ron told me, ‘Later on, you’ll have all the opportunity in the world to talk. But I was in my moment, and you can’t step on somebody else’s moment.’ It took a second, but I understood what he meant. You can’t always make it about you. That was a learning experience.”

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