Mark Henry Talks About Hulk Hogan

Mark Henry Explains Why He’s Not Ready To See Hulk Hogan Return To WWE

Apparently Mark Henry isn’t ready to welcome Hulk Hogan back into the WWE family just yet.

The soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer spoke on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio about “The Hulkster” being scheduled to attend the Los Angeles premiere of the new HBO Andre The Giant documentary.

“On the 29th is the opening in Los Angeles and [Hogan is] in it,” Henry said. “It’s kind of a deal where you have to accept it. He’s a public figure. It doesn’t mean that everything he’s done is forgiven, you just gotta pick the good from the bad, see how you can help the situation. I sit on the chair of the delegation and they’re not ready. I’ve had many talks, I mean with dozens of guys. The consensus is there’s a lot of work to be done to heal that wound and fix that wall.”

Henry was then asked to clarify what he meant by “the delegation.”

“The delegation is pretty much all of the more established African-American wrestlers in the country and in the world for that matter,” Henry responded. “There’s not a wrestling promotion that doesn’t house someone from the delegation.”

When asked what Hogan could do to help heal the wound, Henry spoke about wanting to see him get more involved with the public.

“It’s gonna have to be more community service and outside work,” Henry said. “Support for programs, even create a program that deals with diversity in the workplace.”

With WrestleMania 34 right around the corner, Henry was asked if he would be surprised if “The Hulkster” showed up at the big event.

“I’m very rarely shocked, but in that case, I don’t know if I’m ready. I think there’s a lot to be done,” Henry said. “I believe that everybody should be given a second chance, but I also believe that you have to own your issue – whatever that issue – you gotta try to make closure on everybody else’s behalf, not just yours.”

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