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Mark Henry Shares Funny Prank Story Involving Owen Hart & Vince McMahon

Pranks can often backfire.

During his appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, WWE Hall of Fame legend and AEW commentator Mark Henry shared a story where Owen Hart saw a prank on Vince McMahon nearly cost him his job in WWE.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where “The World’s Strongest Man” shares the story.

“So many times he would mess with Stu. He called Stu and told him that he was his illegitimate son and that he wanted some money. Stu was like, ‘I don’t have any kids. All the kids I had I raised in my house,’ and [Owen] was like, ‘No, you remember that time in Winnipeg.’ It was really weird. He was like, ‘Who? I never touched a woman.’ And Owen was like, ‘Well, you obviously touched your wife. You have seven kids,’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, it was OK for me to touch her. I didn’t touch anybody.’ He’s arguing back. He was a horrible son, man [laughs]. Nobody was exempt. He made Vince almost fire him one day. He duct-taped Vince’s briefcase to the ceiling fan in Vince’s office, and Vince came in and the ceiling fan was smoking. It burnt it up. He didn’t quit. He’d superglue your shoes to the floor. All kinds of stuff.”

Check out the complete interview at H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.


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