Marty Jannetty Goes Into Detail About His Recent Facebook Post

— Marty Jannetty appeared in an interview with Boston Wrestling to talk more about his apparent admitting of murdering a man decades ago that now has police investigating. Jannetty indicated that the man he was referring to in his Facebook post that triggered the investigation was a front desk clerk at the bowling alley where they both worked and that the man almost raped him. The man was known to sell marijuana and apparently used that to lure children in order to sexually assault them. Jannetty detailed that when he was 13 years old, he met the clerk in his car to make a transaction. However, once inside the car, he was fondled and tried to get out but the man got angry. Marty says the man then got out of the car, came around and grabbed him by the hair and shirt and dragged him to the back of the bowling alley. Once back there, Jannetty says he was thrown to the ground and the guy tried to take his pants down. Jannetty then implies that he got away because “there was a brick laying there” and then claims he never said he killed the guy, but he deserved to get beaten. When asked if the guy ever tried a stunt like that again, Jannetty didn’t want to comment which left the question if the man died or not still in question. Jannetty’s Facebook post suggested that the police find the man’s body in the Chattahoochee River which is what police is investigating. He ended by saying no other kids had to deal with that man again but stops short of saying he died, once again sort of implicating himself in what would probably be manslaughter. You can hear Jannetty’s comments starting at about the 7 minute mark.

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