Next Week's NXT Super Tuesday Match Announcement

Match Announced For NXT Super Tuesday 2

Next week, Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole in a Sudden Death Match in continuation to determine who is the new NXT Champion.

After both Balor and Cole were able to score two pin-falls to tie in the last minutes of their match during the September 1, 2020 NXT Super Tuesday 60-Minute 4-Way Iron Man Match for the NXT Championship.

Finn Balor intercepted the pin Tommaso Ciampa had worked over on Johnny Gargano, Balor flying off the top turnbuckle for a Double-Foot Stomp to pin Johnny Gargano who was laid out inside the ring thanks to a flurry from Ciampa. Balor was on his knees, celebrating becoming the new NXT Champion with 12 seconds left of the match when suddenly Adam Cole hits the Last Shot finisher on Finn Balor for the three count, and the second pin-fall of the match. Balor and Cole were tied with 2 while Gargano and Ciampa both only had 1 pin-fall during the match.

Balor and Cole’s argument heated up as General Manager WIlliam Regal made his way out to end the show, announcing that, “Next week, on NXT Super Tuesday 2, you two will face each other in a single pin-fall match-up and the winner will be the new crowned the NXT Champion!”

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