Matt Cardona Explains GCW”s “Place” In Wrestling

Earlier this week, Impact Wrestling star Matt Cardona spoke to Busted Open Radio, and discussed his upcoming match against Nick Gage. Cardona is set to go toe-to-toe with Gage for the GCW Championship, during the first night of GCW Homecoming. Check out what Matt had to say.

On his future match against GCW Champion Nick Cage:

“I use the catchphrase ‘Always Ready’, but I am. Everything I do in my life, I do 110%. I’m not guaranteeing that I’m going to win. No. But I’m going to go in there and I’m going to give it my all. And if you want to see Matt Cardona with a light tube or with thumbtacks? If that’s what I’ve got to do to beat this guy, then I’ll do it. I laid out the challenge for Homecoming, GCW Homecoming in July. I want that GCW Championship. That’s why I held it over his head. That’s my goal. I didn’t just come there to lay him out, I came there to shut everybody up, the GCW Universe, Nick Gage, and to take their title. He’s riding that high, he had Dark Side of the Ring, he’s the talk of the town right now. But I’m coming to steal everything he’s worked for. I’m coming for that title, I want to be the face of GCW. And GCW, the universe, they’re going to hate me for it. But deep down I know they love me, and I love my fans too!”

On GCW’s spot in the wrestling world:

“I definitely think there’s a place for it in wrestling. Wrestling, on a whole, has blown up. There’s wrestling on television every single night of the week. This weekend I was wrestling in Chicago and then GCW the next day. Then I have Impact. I’m busier than I ever have been and I just think wrestling is hotter than its ever been. Maybe the ratings aren’t the highest ever, but look how many wrestling promotions there are. Look at how many wrestlers are making a living. It’s the best time to be a wrestler and the best time, I think, to be a fan.”

(Via WrestlingInc.)

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